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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophie Kinsella

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 
Shopaholic has been in debt up to her Gucci-glasses-covered-eyeballs. She has been to London, New York, and is now living with her millionaire of a boyfriend, Luke Brandon. She has been on TV, wrote a story that appeared in a major magazine, and has also hosted her own auction, raising thousands of dollars. 
She has not yet been married. 
So that's what's next for the shopaholic as she plans her future with Luke. Only one problem: his (super-uptight) stepmom demands that there be an extravagant wedding in New York. Her family wants to hold a quaint backyard wedding in London. 
So what does Becky do? 
She accepts both...without them knowing, of course. 
Kinsella spins yet another tale of Becky's loony adventures through shopping, and now, wedding planning. It's still the same fun story as the other books, and we must applaud Kinsella for coming up with the fresh twist, but there is a problem with this story. 
One: Becky's antics spiral into the realm of downright frustrating. JUST TELL THE TRUTH! We want to scream at her. But, we can't. We have to suffer through pages of her agonizing purchases and lies until she manages to resolve everything in the end. 
Fortunately, Kinsella saves us from putting the book down and revives the story with humor, romance, and subplots that keep it moving. Additionally, the solution and problems Becky manages are realistic. At the start of the novel, I must admit, I was a little worried. I was thinking the solution to the double-wedding crisis would involve some sort of robot clone or even time travel. 
Luckily, that's not what happened. 
Although the heroine tends to get a little frustrating in this book, readers cant help but to still love her and wanting more. The story is new and fresh and keeps us entertained with our favorite group of characters. 
Stay posted for a review on the next novel, Shopaholic and Sister

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