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Friday, September 3, 2010

Shopaholic and Sister by Sophie Kinsella

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10
And when we thought Kinsella couldn't possibly bring another surprise into the series, she manages to shock us yet again. Except this time it's a sister. Becky's long lost sister, to be exact.
Becky's long lost sister who HATES shopping.
Guess what shoe belongs to Becky..
Yup, you read right. Jess is a frugal, athletic girl who would rather spend her time at a protest to save the environment than at a designer sample sale.
Obviously there's something wrong, here. Or at least that's what Becky thinks. So she attempts to connect with her sister: take her shopping and let her see the light. But Jess isn't the sister Becky was hoping for. And through all of Becky's adventures (which get crazier as the books progress. i.e. Becky scales a mountain to search for Jess in high heels and designer jeans, or when she manages to successfully protest the construction of a strip mall), she tries to STILL deal with her debt and shopping addiction.
How is it that Becky's debt is fixed at the end of each novel in the series only to reappear in the next one?
I must admit that Shopaholic and Sister was my least favorite in the series. Although it was an interesting idea, it failed to grab my attention and the humor didn't nearly meet the standards I had set from reading the previous books.
But, still a good read. Especially if you're a shopaholic fan like I am. Shopaholic and Baby, coming soon!

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