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Friday, September 3, 2010

Shopaholic and Baby by Sophie Kinsella

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10
I thought Becky's charm was fading. I thought that her and Luke's relationship was getting a little boring. Suze rarely appears in the novels anymore. Jess is leaving.
I was not excited for this last book, let me tell you. I thought it would be a chore to read, and I would be yawning as I flipped the pages reluctantly. You can only drag the adventures on for so long, until it dries up.
But Kinsella managed to turn this book into a true Shopaholic novel. It's exciting, keeps you turning the page, and even brings back some characters and introduces a few new ones as well.
Like Venetia Carter. Becky's obstetrician. This woman is a celebrity obstetrician - she hosts tea parties for her famous clients, paparazzi stalk the door of her office, aaaandd she was Luke's ex-girlfriend.
Becky, on the verge of collapse (literally, she's waddling around pregnant), must now handle her shopping craze, pregnancy, job, oh, and she thinks that Luke is having an affair.
Kinsella spins a tale that reminds me once again why I like the books so much. Becky brings a little something extra to reality. She takes an ordinary life and turns it into an exciting (and very funny) adventure.
Readers fall in love with our heroine, Becky, turned the victim of a cheating husband and an evil obstetrician, as she deals with the problems in her own special way. I thought she couldn't surprise me, but yet she manages to. From hiring a private eye, to faking a birth, to using a woman's house for a Vogue shoot (titled Yummy Mummys).
Whether we are either laughing at her ideas, or hating Venetia with such a passion, Kinsella's story is a great closure to the series. Even though I wish it wouldn't end.

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