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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mockingjay by Suzanne Harper

Overall Rating: 4 out of 10 (Spoilers below) 
You'd think that Mockingjay, the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy, would end the rebellion of the Districts against the Capitol, would reveal Katniss' choice of boy (Personally, I'm Team Peeta) and everything would work out right. There would be action, as there was in the previous novels, and even romance. 
If that was what you were expecting, you were wrong. 
Mockingjay focuses on the rebellion of the Districts, that is true. But mostly Harper writes about the politics. The people of the capitol will shoot a video of Katniss and distribute it to the people of Panema. They will have to win over District 2, and ensure the other towns that their choice to rebel is the right one. 
There is little action. Little fighting. And Peeta is barely in the book. 
I was greatly, greatly disappointed. 
Especially with the ending. I think that is what frustrated me the most. Katniss goes off the deep end for a while, never taking a step out of the kitchen, and Peeta and her rekindle their love in a mere two sentences. After he is so intent on murdering her, and then hating her, he just gets over everything in a blink. And that's the end of the story. With all that happened in the last two books, you'd think it would be a little more intense than that. 
Additionally, they barely discuss what happened after the rebellion. How does it change the world? All the readers know is that the capitol and the Hunger Games are gone. 
What policies are different? Who is the president (after Katniss kills the current president after the rebellion)? How are the living standards different? 
Harper did a poor job of wrapping up the stories. It felt rushed, and was slightly depressing. 
Another low point was Katniss' choice of boys. I was expecting this huge love triangle struggle. She likes Gale, she likes Peeta, Gale is her best friend, Peeta went through the Hunger Games with her. I don't know about everyone else, but I was anticipating a huge decision based on true love that Katniss makes. Instead, the circumstances make it for her. As a result of Gale's ideas, Prim dies and in a nutshell, Katniss can never look at him the same way again. She will never truly forgive him. 
Okay, so that leaves Peeta. 
See, the solution to her struggle was kind of a let down, to tell you the truth. 
But, the story was creative and carefully planned out. However, I felt that if Katniss was sort of losing the will to fight, and the fire in her that drew readers in the first place seemed to slowly be burned out. 
As a fan of the Hunger Games series, I recommend that you read this book for closure. I'm just not sure if you're going to like it. 
For fans of Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordian, Twilight by Stephanie Meyer, and Uglies by Scott Westerfield. 

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