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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Generation Dead by Daniel Waters

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10
Okay, so I realized my posts were a bit lengthy and not really that fun to read. So I'm going to keep it short and sweet from now on.
Phoebe, resident goth girl at Oakvale high school, lives in a world where dead American teenagers can come back to life. Soon, Phoebe realizes she's falling for one, Tommy Williams, and also befriending the other "zombies" that roam Oakvale's halls, including her old best friend, Colette. However, Phoebe's current best friends aren't exactly sure how they feel about this, especially Adam, the popular football player who harbors feelings for Phoebe that surpass the normal friendship. Not only are her best friends hesitant about this newfound relationship, but so are the "Pain Crew", Adam's old football buddies whose title is pretty much self-explanatory.
I did enjoy this book. At first, I admit it, the plot was slow, but it picked up speed and at the end I couldn't put it down. So many sub-plots, and a surprising twist in the plot that completely threw me. Also, the interesting slew of characters helped make Generation Dead a little more interesting. Rarely do we view the world through the eyes of a goth girl, and some chapters also take the point of view of Adam, or the Pain Crew's leader, Pete Martinsburg. With dead people, goth chicks, popular football players, bullies, and even a scrawny sweetheart named Thorny, it's hard to resist not connecting with at least some of the emotions and characters in this novel.

One last thing: the story might have focused on dead people, but it was really about acceptance. So if you think you're not into the dark scene, don't rule out this story. It really applies to life for everyone.

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