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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy

4 out of 10
Slightly superficial. Predictable. Bland characters.
These are the words used to describe The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy.
Jess Parker, a girl who ordinarily blends into the masses of her high school, moves to Mt. Sterling High and is suddenly recruited by the most popular girls in the school to be part of a secret society: The Cinderella Society. The purpose of this exclusive group is to build confidence and be the best person you can be. Oh, and to fight their evil counterparts The Wickeds.
A little romance, a little friendship, and a LOT of girl power. These are the ingredients that make up The Cinderella Society.
Cassidy's story wasn't exactly a page turner. There was tons, and I mean tons of pages that were dedicated solely to the "Cinderella Society" and their mission to help the regular people in the world, "Reggies", stand up to the "Wickeds" and trump their attempts for world domination.
I really don't care.
And then there were the characters. No characters were consistent, and Cassidy refused to delve underneath the surface of some major players in the game. For example, the other "Cindys", as Jess refers to her fellow society members, take the roles of her best friends, like Sarah Jane for example. But, even by the end of the book, I don't know anything more about Sarah Jane than I did when I was first introduced. She's still the perfect all-american girl that is super nice and perfect perfect perfect.
How original.
Cassidy fleetingly mentions SJ's problems with her parents divorce, but never returns to the subject. I couldn't connect to any characters at all, nor could I differentiate between any of them. The names were muddled up in my mind because Cassidy refused to give them distinct personalities.
Not only that, this book was cheesy. Girl Power. Go for the gold. Good defeats evil. Be yourself.
I've heard it all before.
The only good thing about this book was the romance part. Cassidy constructed a interesting relationship between Jess and her love interest Ryan Steele, that basically carried the book.
For those who enjoyed Oh.My.Gods by Tera Lynn Childs or Private novels by Kate Brian.

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    Your blog is AWESOME and youre a great writer, but you haven't posted any new books! I read all the ones you recommended so far and I have ran out.

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